Saturday, February 25, 2017

Waiting for Perfect

Waiting for the perfect time to embark on your dream.
Waiting for the perfect conditions to paint.

A lot of us dream about the perfect studio. I can see mine. It would be as spacious as the ones in a William Merritt Chase painting, with room on one end to gather and sit. It's huge windows overlooking an inspiring vista, would flood the room with light . My perfect studio has high ceilings, plenty of room to step back while painting, a gallery, and storage space. While I'm dreaming, I might as well dream up an assistant too to help with the mundane studio tasks!
But back to reality. My studio, though mostly adequate for my present needs, doesn't remotely resemble my dream studio. If I waited for my perfect studio, I'd have never started painting.
Water Cave-© Theresa Grillo Laird - oil - 9x12 - (sold) 

This painting, Water Cave was selected a few years ago for an Oil Painters of America exhibit. Let me tell you how it was created. My parents has become unable to manage their household, so I left my home and traveled north intent on staying with them for a few weeks until I could find a permanent caregiver. The weeks turned into months, each day filled with the tasks of daily living and caregiving. At night after my parents went to bed, I would break out my paints. My work space was the corner of a desk already filled with books and a computer. Dark paneling lined the room giving my dim little corner the ambiance of a broom closet. To paint Water Cave, I pushed back the computer keyboard and monitor, clamped a light to the desk and started working. At about 3:30 in the morning, I'd finished. In the morning light it just needed a few small adjustments. No one seemed enthused about the result but me. So, I submitted it, and it got in! If I'd waited for perfect conditions, nothing would have happened. So, wait for perfect? Not me!


  1. Nice story Theresa, and congrats on getting in an OPA show. Where are you located? Do you know about Plein Air South? I'm signed up to volunteer there this year. If you respond, please write through my site, so I don't miss it :-) I'm definitely a bit of a perfectionist- plein air painting is good for that. Sometimes I am not inspired by the Memphis landscape and dream of painting in beautiful scenic places. It's of course freezing cold currently- but when things warm up I'll be outside painting. Best, Matthew Lee

    1. Hi Matthew! I am aware of Plein Air South and participated last year. This year depends on care giving duty for the parent I'm still taking care of.


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