Sunday, October 4, 2015

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound - ©Theresa Grillo Laird - oil 20x30 - $1500
contact here to purchase

In my last art newsletter, I wrote about coming home after many months away from home, studio and art life. That started me thinking that I was also coming home in a different sense. For a long time I've struggled with understanding the balance- for me- between pursuing artistic success on one hand, and staying true to my interior spiritual life on the other. I could never quite get the two to mesh in a way that felt right.

Why are the two aims mutually exclusive you might ask? Well, they're really not unless you start viewing the gift of your talents as a self serving route to fame and fortune. Then the fruits of your labor become driven by a desire to be known, admired, pursued and promoted by anyone who can create fame.

I like to think of art as a gift. It's a outpouring of visions that result from you having been given the gift of seeing in a certain way, and that you in turn can share with others to gift them with any one of a multitude of positive feelings.

So, the point is to become as expressive as possible of the vision before me. And with that, freed from all wrong turns, I find myself back home right where I started.

How have your "coming home" moments changed the direction of your work?


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