Sunday, January 4, 2015

Austin Again

Afternoon reflections on Ladybird Lake in Austin 

This Tuesday marks eight weeks of travels since I've been home. These past few days spent visiting family in Austin, top off a late fall season of tending to family duties, enjoying holiday visits and attending my first workshop. Tomorrow at dawn we'll start the long drive back to Pensacola.

January promises to be a busy month. I'm teaching three painting classes at Pensacola State College's Continuing Ed. It's not too late to get in on these. Click here to register. Another gallery has called with the offer to join their artists. Read my blog next week for more about this. And there's an art fair in March to get ready for.

But for now I'm enjoying the remaining few hours of my Austin visit. Each time I visit the Austin area, I like it better. It's true, it was brutally hot when I was here last June, but I got some good work done despite the heat. Already we're planning an early fall camping trip for 2015.I can't wait to paint the colors of early fall! 

But for now, it will be good to get back to work in my studio. I'm fired up with plans for 2015! No resolutions. Just a crystal clear North Star. Stay tuned! 

On the newly constructed Boardwalk on Ladybird Lake 

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