Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Reconsidered View of Marketing and Branding

The View From the Fort -©T Grillo Laird - 24x48 oil
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During the past two months or so while I was away tending to family issues, I spent very little time on Facebook. My hands were full and my mind was occupied with solving the problems at hand. But I did have time to think about where I was going with my painting. I had just come from a very productive landscape painting workshop that has given me a blueprint for the direction of the work itself. The more I focused on this blueprint, the more I realized that I don't want to spent my finite resources on the overly time consuming process of marketing and branding - the two hot buzz words right now. I came to the conclusion that I'd always had before I started reading and investing in the flood of marketing advice now available:
I do not want to become a master marketer of mediocre work!

Like many who have succeeded quite nicely at establishing a large and loyal following, I'm sure I could succeed at the branding game too with the right actions. I had to have this recent forced vacation from these efforts to remember my north star. I intend to focus without distraction on the improving of the work itself. Only when I've seen tangible results of this focus, will I potion off some of my time again for the effort of making my work known. 

So, if you see less of me on Facebook and on the many painting sites where I post on Facebook, I am more not less busy in my studio and on site working on my craft.

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