Monday, October 6, 2014

How I Find Inspiration

the view 10 minutes from my doorstep

One look at where I live and you can see it isn't hard to find inspiration. I'm lucky enough to live in a paradise that most people only experience as a vacation. But when things start to get too routine, I draw on my other resources to renew my vision.

Books, artist interviews and marketing shows never fail to give me fresh focus. Usually the books I read are art books with big reproductions of paintings. I turn these photos in different directions to see how the paint was put down. Turning the picture sideways or upside down allows me to see the strokes, colors and arrangement of shapes without being hampered by recognizing the image on the canvas. Black and white photos are great for studying the value structure of a painting.
Lately, rather than the usual art book, I've been reading Tywla Tharp's book The Creative Habit . It's about adopting practices and thought patterns that allow creativity to flourish. 
Alyson Stanfield's book I'd Rather Be in the Studio, is another resource that could probably be considered the artists marketing bible. Her Art Biz Blog is also a rich source of material.

I really enjoy a good interview with an artist who knows their craft. Two resources I use are Linda Fisler's Art Chats and Leslie Saeta's Artists Helping Artists on Blog Talk Radio. Linda's show doesn't air very often,but she gets top notch artists on her program. Leslie's weekly show features an artist, or focuses marketing information or studio tips. Leslie is an excellent interviewer leaving her gust lots of breathing room to express their ideas. Both programs are good. If I can gain one bit of information I didn't know before that will help my work, I fell like my time was well spent.

Just off the easel this week is a 12x16 oil called Padres Garden. Contact me here for more information about it.

Padre's Garden - © Theresa Grillo Laird - 12x16 oil - $425  

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