Monday, September 22, 2014

Pearls and Paintings

Friday night was Gallery Night in Pensacola. Up and down stylish Palafox Place, businesses invited artists to exhibit for the night in their establishments. By four, the street was closed to cars and soon became one long pedestrian mall filled with art and music and business.

A  few years ago, rules were relaxed allowing people to stroll the street drinks in hand. hadn't participated lately fearing that Gallery Night had become more of a beer party night. But this year, I was invited to show at a beautiful jewelry shop, and I accepted. I'm glad I did. My host was gracious and accommodating and the clientele were interested and engaging. As it turned out, the business owner is also a writer. So I had a great night, a productive night and was gifted with a good read, The Deadly Reef, that I've been enjoying all day. 

Late in the day today I headed out once again to work on my large canvas. I'm one step closer to finish.

Late Day Fort Pickens  © T Grillo Laird

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