Sunday, September 7, 2014

Painting Autumn

Autumn Shadows © Theresa Grillo Laird 18x24 oil on canvas
click here for info 

I've heard talk lately about how sad it is to see the end of summer. September usually signals the end of warm weather and the relaxing days spent at the beach. A feeling creeps in of responsibility, serious work and shorter days to get it all done. Maybe it's just the place where I live, but fall is beautiful on Pensacola Beach. From September through November, the days are warm and the sun is angled low creating long violet shadows. The dune grasses turn to shades of red and brown setting off yellow blooms that only appear in fall. The gentle green and pink tones of summer vanish and the beach becomes it's most colorful. It's my favorite time of year to paint my coastal paradise.

Beach Flowers © Theresa Grillo Laird
11x14 oil on canvas. Click here for info


  1. Theresa, fall is my favorite season too and here on the west coast we have much the same. The tourists have mostly gone home and peace and quiet descends. The light is incredibly beautiful and the days still long even if not as long as they are in June. Fall is also the best weather of the year for our area. I love the golden light of fall and am looking forward to a couple of months of good painting. Cheers! -Renee

    1. R.L. I've been thinking about your coast lately especially since I have a nephew headed to the California/Oregon area next month. I'm very envious of him! The best painting weather I ever had in California was in November. All the points you mention were present.If you ever make it my way, I'll show you some great spots to paint!


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