Monday, September 1, 2014

The Strongest Relationships

                                                                                                               August 31

My three week visit to family has come to a close this weekend with a very enjoyable gathering over dinner. If there is anything I learned from my dad, on this one year anniversary since he passed away, it's the meaning of family. Before painting, before ambition, before working and marketing and striving to make an art life work, there's family. and all the experiences of family wind their way into the creative work.

The Gilchrist Family Breakfast- William Gilchrist
Sitting around the table laughing and enjoying each other's stories, made me think of how often artists have portrayed gatherings of their family and friends.From intimate gas lit scenes of 3 or 4 around the supper table to boisterous celebrations among fellow artists, artists have painted their emotions about the people closest to them.

Hip Hip Hooray- Severin Kroyer

Dinner Conversation- Pruett Carter

dejeuner sur l'herbe- Monet
On A Turf Bench- Ilya Repin

I start my two day drive home with a smile at the thought of the events of the past three weeks and the sure knowledge that no matter what else, I'll always have family, the place I've come from and from where I take creative flight.

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