Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow? In Pensacola??

Rumor has it that it snowed in Pensacola today. I only saw sleet, but with temperatures in the mid 30's the Friday group of plein air painters bailed on me. I'd dressed in multiple layers like any good northern girl would do, and I wasn't going to miss a perfectly atmospheric day.
My chosen spot is a place I'm doing multiple studies of in preparation for a large painting. Here's is how the day looked today.

And here is the direction that appealed to me the most. Before Hurricane Ivan ten years ago, these fields were solid trees right down the water.

I had already prepared some greys in advance made from the primaries.

Though the light stayed constant, I stuck with my plan of working quickly and finished in a bit more than an hour. I'm not working fast just for the sake of speed. Rather I'm gathering as much information as I can before looking too long convinces me that I'm seeing something different than what is truly there.
Here is the finished sketch.

Santa Rosa Sound - oil on canvas - 8x11

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