Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Freeze - 30 in 30 Day 7

Polar Vortex. That's the explanation for the unusual cold weather here in the Florida Panhandle. It was19 degrees this morning. I watched from my studio windows throughout the day as my giant elephant ear plants drooped and fell over. Have you ever see such a sad sight?

Fortunately the plant is native and hardy and it should grow back.

River Oaks - oil on canvas - 10x12
contact me here if interested

Today's "plein air" sketch was painted looking through a window from the semi warmth of my studio. In keeping to my plan of working quickly, it took about an hour. Some things I'm finding about working quickly are I'm making more confident decisions about color and value. Working quickly means I have to glance rather then stare at my motif, and then paint from remembering what I saw in that glance. This results in the color and value being more accurate. A little side benefit is that I can paint very freely because I have no time invested in these pieces and no agenda for them.

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