Friday, January 3, 2014

30 in 30 January 3

When I woke up on this Pensacola morning, it was 28 degrees - very cold for Panhandle Florida. This northern girl was ready for it! In fact, I truly enjoy cold and snow.There was no snow in the forecast but I layered myself in true northern fashion, long underwear (never thought I'd have use for that here), layers of shirts, thick hiking socks and gloves with the finger tips cut off. The wind was fierce but a local waterfront restaurant the Oar House, lent the Plein Air Painters of Pensacola their balcony which was nicely shielded from the wind. Thank you Oar House!

Though it's my intent during this 30 day challenge to finish my paintings in as close to an hour as possible, this one took double that time. My purpose in working fast is to not over-think the process but to work quickly and confidently. Also, I'd like to reserve a good part of my work day to finish studio pieces for an upcoming show.

 This is my finished 12x16 sketch. The actual scene is in the photo below. As yet, this painting is not on my website so please contact me if it interests you.

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