Thursday, December 19, 2013

Austin On My Mind

This past weekend I spent three very enjoyable days in Austin, Texas. I've been to Austin twice, and both times in the same season. I don't know what Austin looks like in spring and summer but in winter the contrast of dried grass fields against dark green trees is a visual treat. On any bit of land that hasn't been developed, there are fields of tall grass in red and gold tones.
November Meadow - oil on canvas - 11x14
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 Traveling down the highway, the colors mix together into a rose gold sea of rippling grass tipped with white where the suns rays hit. Dark green oaks stand anchored in this sea of gold, looking like stewards of the land. I am always reminded whenever I travel of how much I enjoy viewing an unfamiliar landscape and trying to figure out how to describe it's colors and textures with paint.

Riverbed  - Perdenales State Park - oil 11x14
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