Thursday, December 19, 2013

Austin On My Mind

This past weekend I spent three very enjoyable days in Austin, Texas. I've been to Austin twice, and both times in the same season. I don't know what Austin looks like in spring and summer but in winter the contrast of dried grass fields against dark green trees is a visual treat. On any bit of land that hasn't been developed, there are fields of tall grass in red and gold tones.
November Meadow - oil on canvas - 11x14
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 Traveling down the highway, the colors mix together into a rose gold sea of rippling grass tipped with white where the suns rays hit. Dark green oaks stand anchored in this sea of gold, looking like stewards of the land. I am always reminded whenever I travel of how much I enjoy viewing an unfamiliar landscape and trying to figure out how to describe it's colors and textures with paint.

Riverbed  - Perdenales State Park - oil 11x14
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Favorite Time of Year

Late fall is such is such a beautiful time in the Florida Panhandle. Fall brings relief from the heat and humidity, and just when you think you can't bring yourself to make another green and white painting, the landscape changes to gold, red and purple browns. Even now at the beginning of December the hickory trees are still full of golden leaves and the dunes are covered with deep yellow flowers.

It's my favorite time to paint outdoors. Recently I participated in two paint-outs. This unfinished sketch is from a paint-out on Grayton Beach.

Oil Painters of America Paint Out - Grayton Beach Florida

The Florida Panhandle has mostly evergreen live oaks and pines so it doesn't get the flaming fall colors that the North enjoys, but there's a surprising amount of interesting color in the marsh areas. Each year I'm treated to a few weeks of painting these colors, before the landscape turns to a faded tan whipped by winter wind.

Winter Marsh oil- 30x36
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