Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Inner Life of Tomorrow's Artists

I was talking to a friend today while we watched her nine year old, Sophie, who was glued to her iPad. It struck me how vastly different that child's nine year old world of self amusement is, compared to my own when I was nine. Anyone who has children knows how easily kids take to technology and how ordinary and commonplace it all is to them. I could see myself through my memory as a nine year and suddenly, I felt very sorry for Sophie. My childhood was lived primarily outdoors and my world moved at such a leisurely pace that I had time to observe and absorb everything my senses encountered just by going about the day to day business of play. Maybe my world moved exceptionally slowly.That was after all the period in my life that I got labeled with the nickname Terry the Turtle. Yet all the beauty I saw and felt, fills a deep reservoir and is precisely the pool that I draw from today whenever I pick up my brush.

I wonder, what kind of inner life will today's kids, the artists of tomorrow, have?

Sun Drenched Dunes - 11 x 14 - oil on canvas
click here if interested


  1. The majority of tomorrows artists will create art on the computer, and never experience the fun we are having :) Jacque

  2. Jacque, I agree that the computer is likely to be used in their work. That could be both a negative and a positive.It depends on what capacity for expression will be built into computers. I'm not impressed so far. But what I really wonder about is what experiences they'll draw from when there seems to be so little time or inclination for observation and contemplation.


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