Friday, February 15, 2013

Still Quietly Working

It's been two weeks since the end of January's painting challenge. As much as I'd like to adhere to my goal of 3 to 4 paintings a week, family obligations have closed around me again. I've been buried in paperwork rather than paint and brushes. Still, I have 2 paintings nearly completed. This one is from a photo reference in the Grand Canyon. The first photo shows the block in. The second one is two painting sessions later. I thought it was finished but I didn't like the space between the tree and the right hand cliff face. After some more work today, I think it's finished. I'll photograph and post it tomorrow.


  1. Looking good so far Theresa. I like the luminous shadow coming through that's always my favorite to try a catch.


    1. Hey Randall! Your comment was in hiding or I'd have replied sooner! The rocks really were glowing like that! I'd love to spend some serious time in the Grand Canyon. I'll bet there are a lot of unusual color and light effects if you can spend enough time there to catch them.


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