Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the Back Burner - Day Five - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I had a bit of excitement in the "studio" yesterday. I'm caring for family members in their home, so my studio is usually the room I sleep in. For this 30 day challenge, I've been painting instead in the family room close the the computer and my photo source. It's been pretty nice. The room has a gas fireplace which, of course, I turn off when I'm painting. I wait til family members have gone to bed, turn a movie on low and paint away! Well, for the last two mornings there's been a really strong gas smell in the house. The first day, I opened windows and ignored it though I must admit I had visions of the house going up in smithereens. On the second day my brother walked in and said you know it smells like gas in the street- you better call the gas company. My brother has a  creative nature. His photographs are gorgeous and in demand. But he seems also to have been born with both his and my share of logic and horse sense. So I was on the phone to the gas company before he had walked out the door. A very patient fellow from the gas company came over and spent more than an hour checking every single gas appliance in the house. I'm relieved to report that the smell was nothing more than the solvent fumes reacting to the pilot of the fireplace. He said there is no danger of anything igniting but each time the fireplace is turned on it's going to smell funny until all traces of the solvent are gone.
With all that excitement, my painting from last night isn't quite finished so today's post is actually the first painting I made for this challenge. The title reflects my intent for this challenge to just keep moving onward.

It's Water Under the Bridge - oil on canvas panel - 6"x8'
click here to purchase

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