Monday, January 7, 2013

From the Back Burner - Day 6 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Continuing my experimenting with painting panels, I tried a canvas panel for this painting. This panel worked a little better than the linen one I tried the other day, but it's still too thin and smooth and without enough tooth. I'll stick to making my own. They're a little heavier but the painting surface allows for a better more interesting layering of paint. I also worked larger for today's challenge. It's 12x16. Too me, that's a pretty small size yet I wasn't able to finish it in one sitting. I'm also finding that the earth brown I've been playing around with is a bit too warm for my liking. It's a version of pigment red 101 that has somehow been turned into a dark warm brown. I use browns mostly for making greys by mixing them with blues. I like the burnt umber I usually use better. It's a little bit cooler.
This week the weather is expected to be unseasonably warm here. I'm going to take advantage of it to do some plein air works.

Backwater - oil on canvas panel - 12x16
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  1. Beautiful painting! I really enjoy your color palette, and loose brushwork.

    1. Thank you Linda! I'm doing a little experimenting with my palette. I've narrowed it down a bit from what I usually work with.


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