Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the Back Burner - Day 16 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Three years ago, My husband and I drove from Florida to California.This trip gave me my first view of California and my first drive through the western states. I couldn't believe  how much space there was out there and I promised myself my next home will be somewhere in the western third of the country. I saw types of land I so different from what I was accustomed to that I took a zillion pictures to try to remember it.
 We left the Florida Panhandle at the end of April, which is already beach weather there. We didn't pack any winter clothes thinking we wouldn't need them in sunny California, but once we'd passed western Texas it became so cold and fiercely windy that I had to stop to buy a winter jacket .Somewhere between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon it began snowing so thickly you couldn't see through it. Snow on May first! I loved it! This little painting is from the shots I took that day.

High Desert Snowstorm - oil on linen panel - 6"x 8"
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  1. Hi Theresa, I enjoyed your post about your trip west and I love the painting you did of that memorable event.
    I love your style and will make it back here to see more.

    1. Fay, thanks so much for visiting and for your comments! I'm so glad for this challenge because it's making me get to these photos that have been sitting for so long. I've decided to take each of the CD's of that trip and continue after the challenge painting all the scenes that appeal to me.


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