Monday, December 10, 2012


Is there anything more beautiful than the seasons? Each has it's own flavor. Each changes beautifully from week to week, every stage as interesting as the one before. My life has unexpectedly landed me up north this year and I'm looking forward  to the chance to paint snow. So, I'd though I'd share a few winter paintings I like.  

Claude Monet - The Magpie

I love this painting by Monet. It  perfectly captures the look of bright light on fresh snow. When I look into it, I can practically feel the sensation of breathing in crisp winter air. I like the way the violet shadows are echoed more softly in the roof top and trees. The color scheme is so simple yet so effective at  portraying the feel of a fresh snow on a winter day.

These two are by Alfred Sisley. The one on the left is one he painted several variations of. I like the heaviness of the snow and the closed in feeling of the sky still dark from the  storm. Look at the yellow in the sky and the way the blue greys and yellows are repeated throughout the sky, trees, walls and ground snow.

The one below has an entirely different feeling. It's still painted in shades of blue and yellow though the blue is a brighter greener blue. The scene is filled with sun and light and has a very open tranquil feeling compared to the hushed enclosed feeling of the other. 

This last one by Aldro Hibbard is only one of his many very beautiful snow scenes. I'd have a hard time picking my favorite among them. He was masterful at portraying the many moods of a winter day. Look at the different colors and temperatures of blue in the banks in the front. This painting has a beautiful quality to the light bouncing off the snow banks from the front to nearly the back of the painting, giving the painting total believability.

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