Thursday, May 31, 2012

Letting Go

Years ago, I remember watching a documentary about the training of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team. Bela Karolyi was coaching his young stars. One of them, a girl named Phoebe, was  throwing herself into her routines with such abandon, that Karolyi kept urging "Control Phoebe! Control!"

I recently had an interesting painting experience. For the second time this year, I am in the unsettling position of having to put my brushes aside except for a couple of short hours here and there. Normally I work every day and I try to maintain a pretty tight control over how I paint. After all, I have a responsibility to my galleries and my patrons to produce the caliber of work that they expect. Right? I can't mess up.

Snatching one of those precious painting hours two weeks ago, I squeezed the paint onto my palette and thought about how my production plan for the year was shot to pieces. Then I thought since I can't control  most of what I intended to do, to hell with the rest. And what do you know! I suddenly felt such a sense of liberation!
Instead of painting as I think I am expected to, I let the brush and paint go where it would while I just had fun and watched. This little painting was the result.

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"Peonies" 11x14 oil on canvas

Amazing what you can learn when you let go of the reins.

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